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96.5FM - Egyptian Radio Show with Jerry Guirguis interviewing Jerry Farsoun, Founder and CEO of Leelou Personal safety App[ Monday 28 January 2019, Time 8:30pm ]

96.5FM – Egyptian radio show with Jerry Guirguis, interviewing Jerry Farsoun, Founder and CEO of Leelou Personal safety App, talking about his FREE App - LeeLou on 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show Melbourne Australia, [ Monday 28 January 2019, Time 8:30pm ].


Jerry Farsoun Founder and CEO [ Leelou Personal Safety App ]

            Jerry Farsoun Mission:     To give people peace of mind by connecting Guardians and loved ones when things do go wrong; In an instant!
            Personal safety is a right and not a privilege and yet in 2018, this very right is constantly being challenged daily.
            everything we do as parents and Leelou as technology, is about making their world a safer place.
            To become the intelligence that makes the world a safer place for every man, woman and child.
            Leelou is a FREE app that works crossplatform (Android  and  iOS ) that can be used by everyone.
            any person who owns a smartphone who may feel vulnerable.
            Find out more:


8 million calls were made to ‘000’ in 2018, 68.7% of the calls were called from a smart-phone,

            ‘000’ is a system that was build in 60’s on PSTN – Public Switched Telephone Network [ copper wire ]

            Infact when i did my St.John’s First Aid training, they encouraged us to download Emergency + FREE App


Q1] how many calls do you think were made to Beyond Blue ? [ 7.4 million visits, 161,797 calls, 700,000 had an on-line chat in 2015~2016,]

          Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed 3,128 people took their own lives in 2017, which represents a 10-year high in the suicide rate and an increase of 9.1 per cent over the previous year.

                Depression and Anxiety, affect 4 million Australians every year

            Beyond Blue / Help Line / Lifeline / Suicide Prevention line / BlackDog / R U OK ?  / Men’s Shed


Q2] did u build Leelou to help those reaching out to friends and loved ones before committing suicide ?


            Leelou is a FREE app that works crossplatform (Android  and  iOS )

Q3] is there a contractual clause between you and ‘000’, Vic Police, Ambulance and fire, State Emergency Services  

            If you get 50,000 people that will download LeeLou, , they’ll buy your App ?


Q4] Tells us about the financial opportunities that you have for our listeners ?



Thank You

Jerry Guirguis


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