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96.5FM - Egyptian Radio Show with Jerry Guirguis interviewing Nelli Khalil [ Monday 21 January 2019, Time 8:30pm]

96.5FM – Egyptian radio show with Jerry Guirguis, interviewing Nelli Khalil, Mentor -The Successful Male, talking about how she’s helped those who have tried to change their Life-set of behaviours alone, without having the correct set of tools, infrastructure, support systems.

Doing it alone without the assistance of a personal mentor, is seriously wrong, it’s like setting yourself for failure.  

Health & Wellbeing is one of our objectives for 2019 on 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show Melbourne, Australia, [ Monday 21 January 2019, Time 8:30pm ].


Hi and Welcome


Nelli tell us about The Successful Male & Blueprint program- [ Founder : Ron Malhortra ]  

                        Ron Malhortra - New ideas, alternative vision and conviction to develop one million men.

Nelli Khalil : "Iʼm passionate about and committed to bringing out the best of human potential in as many people as possible. By guiding them with our mission at The Successful Male which is to develop one million men globally. To empower and inspire others to become the best
version of themselves, for themselves and for their loved ones, to their communities, their industries and their nations. To enable them to help themselves and challenge them so they reach their achievements, results and success they desire".

Q1] Let’s talk about your new patterns of thinking and behaviour


Q2] How confident have you become ?,

            and what did it do to your communication skills  ?


Q3] One thing you’ve learned about human behaviour.


Thank You

Jerry Guirguis


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