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Chris Keating

Chris Keating

Chris Keating (he pretentiously prefers "Dr. Keats") joined the station in January 2006, after honing his rather dubious presentation and production skills at Plenty Valley FM. Since then, his unfortunate voice has gone on to appear on far too many of Inner FM’s sponsor carts and station ID’s, including the station’s News and Weather. In fact, it’s not unusual to hear his voice more than once in each commercial break, which is quite deplorable…

A television historian and published author (which sounds far more impressive than it actually is), he’s also lent his somewhat lack-lustre production skills to ID’s for a slew of programs, including "Midnight Lounge", "Musica Italiana", "Retrolized", "Readings & Writings", "Drive", "Saturday Express", "Last Train Home" and several unfortunate others. Bizarrely, he is also currently engaged in passing on his few production skills to other station presenters, which we hope may at least result in significantly better quality stuff than he himself produces…

On-air presence has thankfully so far been restricted to guest appearances on the coincidentally now-defunct "Monday Night Live", the recently-defuncted "Dead Air" and the hopefully soon-to-be-defuncted "The Overnight Cafe" with Lenny Everett - which is happily buried where none will find it unless they're either very persistent, or very unlucky!

A man of many talents (few of which he uses to any noticeable effect), Dr. Keats’ snarling face can be glimpsed in the Production Studio on Thursday nights – best to stay at home if you can…

Behind the scenes, he has somehow managed to wangle his way onto the station's Committee of Management, although we trust that this will be only temporary - the station's going so well at present...

Until recently "The Overnight Cafe" with Dr Keats and Lenny Everett was heard on 96.5 Inner FM from 10pm on Friday nights. Dr Keats and DJ Swey now present "Dead Air!" in the same timeslot on Friday nights from 10pm to 1am.

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