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Egyptian radio show - 30th Nov 2015, 6:30pm interview with Ken Baston, Western Australia Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, visited Egypt 6th Nov 2015

Jerry Guirguis interviews Ken Baston, Western Australia Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, Mr Baston headed a delegation to Cairo – Egypt on 6th November 2015, Increasing co-operation in agriculture research and investments, the Honourable Ken Baston MLC will be speaking to us Live-to-air via a mobile hook-up, here on 96.5FM - the Egyptian radio show [ Monday 30th November 2015, Melbourne 6:30pm = 3:30pm Perth ].



6:30pm – Our 1st special guests tonight is the Honourable Mr Ken Baston MLC [ Member of Legislative Council ].

            Minister and small delegation visited four countries in 10 days in November 2015,

                        Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar


            WA exports to Egypt $80.5M in 2014/15

                        Mainly wheat ($19.1M) and live animals ($15.4M - 73,000 live sheep and 20,000 live cattle

                        civil engineering, plant and equipment ($5.6M)


            The grain quality out of the Black Sea region has improved, offering competition for Australia.


            WA imported floor covers ($0.6M) and fruits and nuts ($0.3M) from Egypt


·    WA agrifood exports to Egypt were valued at $42m in 2014-15, led by wheat (A$19m), cattle (A$12m), sheep (A$3m) and mutton (A$2m)

·    The United Arab Emirates was WA's seventh largest market in 2014-15, valued at A$227m, led by canola (A$106m), sheep (A$24m), lamb (A$23m) and carrots (A$18m)

·    Saudi Arabia was                                                                                              valued at   A$50m,  led by mutton (A$16m), lamb (A$15m), carrots (A$7m) and beef (A$6m)

·    WA agrifood exports to Qatar were                                                                valued at     $66m,  led by sheep (A$28m), wheat (A$14m), lamb (A$14m) and carrots (A$4m)

                "This mission will complement government-led initiatives to support industry to develop high-value, high-growth trade opportunities for WA agrifood businesses,

                 and provide the opportunity to learn more  about the investors' perspective in terms of commitment of capital to WA agrifood businesses' development."


            Mr Baston will also attend the Murdoch University Dubai Campus Alumni reception.


United Arab Emirates [ 5.776 Billion ] .......Export to UAE   $2.955 Billion, Imports from UAE   to Australia $2.821 Billion ...................Balanced Trades

                                                                                                           WA imports 2.317 Billion “ CRUDE OIL”



2014 Export to Egypt [ $100 million of meat – Lamb, Sheep, Beef, Mutton

                                     [ $136 million of Vegetables

                                                Fuul Beans = Fava beans

                                                Wheat, Lentils, Canola, Chickpeas





Honourable Ken Baston MLC
Minister for Agriculture and Food & Fisheries

7th Floor, Dumas House
2 Havelock Street
West Perth WA 6005

Phone: 08 6552 5000


The Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA)

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +61 (0)8 9368 3333
Address: 3 Baron-Hay Court South Perth WA 6151







Hi and welcome, can we start with ......................


            Q1] Was this your first visit to Egypt ?


            Q2] Based on this visit to Egypt, how likely do we expect Trade with Egypt to reach the $1 billion in the 2016/2017 ?   




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