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Egyptian Radio Show with Butros Hanna and Dr Azza Radwan Sedky : Why does western media draw a grim picture of Egypt ?[ 29 January 2018 ]

Why does western media draw a grim picture of Egypt ?: tonight on 96.5FM - Egyptian radio show, Melbourne, Jerry Guirguis will be talking to Dr Azza Radwan Sedky [ Egypt ] and Mr Butros Hanna [ France ]. 8:30pm Melbourne time.

Hi and Welcome to another 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show [ English Edition ] from Melbourne-Australia,      I’m Jerry Guirguis


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Butros Hanna            [ 10:30am France Time ]

Azza Radwan Sedky [ 11:45am Egypt  Time ]




1] Utilising Egypt’s Diaspora [Azza Radwan Sedky , Saturday 28 Oct 2017’s-diaspora.aspx


In her article, Dr Azza wrote ;


1.1] the diaspora must utilize every opportunity to promote Egypt.


1.2] Egypt rarely went after the support of outbound Egyptians


1.3] Egypt should woo the Egyptian diaspora into remaining loyal to Egypt and endorsing it in every way possible.


1.4] These millions are a wealth that should not be overlooked, a strength that should be recognized for what it’s worth.



Dr Azza also write about Western media;


1.5] that western media continues to draw a grim picture of Egypt.


1.6] Egyptians, from afar, should work on proving how wrong western media are by commenting on articles that speak ill of Egypt—most papers allow commenting,

      and by linking non-Egyptians to articles that speak saliently of Egypt.


1.7] The Egyptian ambassadors in Canada and the US write articles in western news outlets to counteract what the western media says about Egypt. 



I ask myself Why ?,

Why does the Western Media draw a grim picture of Egypt ?,





Let’s have a look at Butros Hanna’s novel, From Feast to Famine,

Does it bring any light to these questions ?,

What happened in Egypt in the 1900, 1920, 1950, 1960’s....


2] Butros Hanna [ novel : From Feast to Famine

2.1] in his book, he talks about ;


2.2] Like many upper class Egyptians, they were very wealthy from owning Cotton and Sugar cane plantations

2.3] Before WW1, Egypt was a multicultural, Cosmopolitan country,

        Egyptians lived and worked alongside French, Germans, Italians, Greeks, Maltese,…. 


2.4] Under the British control, Egypt acquired 80% of Nile water for it’s Cotton farming, in Alexandria Futures Market is one of the oldest

        Commodity markets in the world. The first locally recorded cotton transactions took place in 1865


2.5] 1930’s Sir Miles Lampson, the powerful British Ambassador who was the de facto ruler of Egypt


2.6] 1936 Anglo-Egyptian Treaty, which called for the withdrawal of British troops from the Suez Canal


2.7] Sep 1939 [ start WWII ], British troops started pouring back into cities of Egypt, Foreign Trade, including cotton,

        monopolized by the occupying power, Martial Law was declared and all Germans nationals living in Egypt were interned


2.9] 1942 Rommel’s armies were advancing towards Egypt. Many Egyptians were convinced that the only way to end the British Occupation

        of Egypt was the defeat of the Allies by the Germans.


3.0] The Jews in Egypt were terrified of the prospect of Nazi invasion, business were sold at ridiculously low prices


3.1] Oct 1951 Nashas Pasha unilaterally abrogated the 1936 Anglo-Egyptian Treaty


3.2] End of British occupation of Egypt [ 70 years ]


3.3] 18th July 1953, end of monarchy in Egypt and General Mohammad Naguib was made the first President of the Republic of Egypt

3.4] Sep 1952 the Egyptian Government confiscated all the land [ Land Reform Laws ]

3.5] 29th Oct 1956 the Suez War when Israel in collusion with England and France, invaded Sinai Desert

3.6] Expulsion from Egypt of all British and French nationals including all Jews


Hi Butros; 

In your book, you say;

3.7] Egyptians see themselves through the eyes of others, and thus imperfectly.


How did the Egyptians see themselves after all of the above ?

What about All those that were pushed out of Egypt, How do you think they felt then and now ?

Let’s now hook-up with Dr Azza Radwan Sedky


Hi Azza;


How should Egypt go about wooing Egyptians abroad and especially all those that were kicked out of Egypt back then ?


The interview is now available on the following link  [



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