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Egyptian Radio Show interview with Dr Colin Hope and Dr Gillian Bowen, Monash University, talking about Dakhleh Oasis Egypt, 500 Km west of Luxor [ 4 December 2017 ]

Jerry Guirguis interviews Dr.Colin Hope and Dr.Gillian Bowen, Associate Professor and Adjunct Research Fellow, Monash University, Melbourne Australia, tonight we’re talking Excavations in Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt, on 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show [ Monday 4th December 2017, Melbourne Australia, English Edition, 8:30pm = Cairo 11:30am ].


Associate Professor Colin Hope                          ,       Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Gillian Bowen

Director, Centre for Ancient Cultures         ,       Centre for Ancient Cultures



Hi to you both, welcome to 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show Melbourne, English edition.

Can we start with Professor Colin,


Dr Colin Hope;

            The Dakhleh Oasis is about 500 km west of Luxor Egypt, studies and excavations reveal first incursion of humans, around 400,000 years ago

            Q1] Tells us the history of Dakhleh Oasis and why it’s so important ?


            Q2] With NeoLithic archaeology, what’s the oldest human remains found there ?


            Q3] Why have been brought in as one of the specialist investigator on this DOP [ Dakhleh Oasis Project ] ?


Dr Gillian Bowen;

            Your recently held a free public lecture [  Tuesday 24 Oct 2017 ] LIVING THE DREAM

            Q1] Tell us about Living the Dream


            Q2] Why did the ancient village Kellis was abonded around ~ 400 AD ?


            Dakhleh Oasis is one of seven oases in the area, focus of annual research, archelogical and environmental study

            Q3] can anyone come-along, wanting to tick a bucket-list event, participate in this annual dig ?     [ paying their own way !!!! ]




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