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Egyptian radio show, Jerry Guirguis interviews Australian Ambassador to Egypt, H.E. Neil Hawkins, Monday 6 March 2017

Jerry Guirguis interviews H.E. Mr Neil Hawkins, Australia’s Ambassador to Egypt, on his 2nd year anniversary since his appointment on 6th Mar 2015,

speaking to us on 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show [ Monday 6 March 2017, Melbourne, English Edition, 8:30pm AEDT = 11:30am Cairo ].


            Media release - 6 March 2015   [ ]

                                      Appointment of Mr Neil Hawkins as Australia’s Ambassador to Egypt, with concurrent accreditation to Sudan and Eritrea.

........ Hi and Congratulations on your 2nd year in Ambassadors office in Egypt, Welcome once again to our radio program, ........;

Q1] Has Egypt won your heart over these last 2 years ?

We know our own Australian Gold mining specialist’s consultants are doing a fantastic job in Egypt and we know that Egypt exports Fertilizers to Australia according to our DFAT - fact sheet;

Q1] Tell us about the objectives of this Mining Innovation mission [ scheduled for Sunday 19th Mar 2017 in Cairo ] ?

Q2] Who's attending?, Who's from Australia is attending this Mining Innovation mission ?, Do we know if other International mining companies attending ?

            Egypt has large deposits of minerals [ Phosphate, Iron ore, Coal, Kaolin, Tantalite ] 

            Egypt has been seeking international and specifically Australian specialists, expertise in Mining  [ METS : Mining Equipment, Training, Technology & Services ]

Q3] Will Uranium mining in Egypt be discussed during this mission ?


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