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Egyptian Radio Show, Jerry Guirguis interviews Azza Radwan Sedky, Academic writer, politcal analyst and author of Cairo Rewind [ Monday 27 November 2017 ]

Jerry Guirguis interviews Azza Radwan Sedky, academic writer, political analyst, and author of Cairo Rewind: the First Two Years of Egypt's Revolution, 2011-2013, tonight we’re talking about her recent opinion editorial Utilising Egypt’s diaspora On Saturday 28 Oct 2017, ahramonline, on 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show [ Monday 27th November 2017, Melbourne Australia, English Edition, 8:30pm = Cairo 11:30am ].


Azza writes;

Millions of Egyptians who left over many decades never returned,

Those who immigrated carried fondness for Egypt, Egypt remains in their hearts, and they carry deep-rooted affection towards it.

These millions have been overlooked by the Egyptian Government, and Egyptians abroad should be recognized for their tireless efforts promoting Egypt.

Q1] Why did Egyptians really leave ?;

            1950’s : Nationalization by Gamal Abdel Naser, [ Suez Canal – British & French ], national land owners of agricultural lands, Greeks, Italians, Maltase,.....   

            1960’s : 6 Days War with Israel

            1970’s : the educated Egyptians left

            1980’s : the downfall of Egyptian economy, Egyptian again left because there were NO JOBS

Q2] Who’s best to promote Egypt ?;


                        live streaming of ON TV, CBC Egypt, DMC, and other TV channels to remain abreast of the happenings in Egypt.


                        Dr. Michael Morgan’s program American Pulse is taped in New York and airs on the Egyptian channel El Kahera Wal Nas,

                        and it is the first program of its kind. It links the diaspora to Egypt, and Egypt to the diaspora.

                        It speaks from the US about Egyptians living in the US and about the United States in general.


                        Al Masriya, the Egyptian State TV channel, produces a program titled Wessal (Connections).

                        It is produced from various locations where the Egyptian diaspora lives. From Melbourne, Australia, to Wales, Britain,

                        it focuses on the needs of Egyptians abroad.


                        western media continues to draw a grim picture of Egypt

                        Please consider an Australian-Egyptian Journalists exchange program [ correct the Peter Greste story ]

            Egyptians abroad

                         What's in it for me ?

                         Why didn't Egypt acknowledge 100 years ANZAC [ Australian And New Zealand Army Corps ]  WW1  Soldiers buried in Egypt ?

                         Trade [ Egypt needs to strengthen it's trade with Australia, pay on time as per Bill of Lading,............

Q3] Is the Egyptian Government listening to Egyptians abroad ?;

                        Egypt should woo the Egyptian diaspora into remaining loyal to Egypt and endorsing it in every way possible.


                        Egyptian officials must not only target tourists and foreign investors but also Egyptians abroad.

                        Egyptians must be allowed to share in the building of Egypt, to invest in Egyptian projects, and to donate to charities.


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