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Egyptian radio show, Monday 31st October 2016 ~ Jerry Guirguis interviews Dr Anne Aly [ ALP - Labor member for Cowan W.A.

Jerry Guirguis interviews Dr Anne Aly, ALP – Labor member for Cowan W.A., on 96.5FM – Egyptian radio show [ Monday 31st October 2016, Melbourne, English Edition, 8:30pm ].


.........Thanks for giving us your valuable time, Congratulations to you and the Labor party for winning the Federal seat of Cowan in W.A on 2nd July 2016. 


            Let’s talk about your great Education achievements, your catalyst for being chosen to speak at Barack Obama Counter Violent Extremism summit,

            in February 2015 at the Whitehouse.


            Under Labor & Gough Whitlam’s free university years [ abolishing university fees in 1974, this policy would remain in place for 14 years


            Q1] Will Labor ever make that a pre-election promise ?



            You & Peter Khalil have been labelled as the odd couple in Parliament, running & winning Federal seats for the Labor Party,


            Q2] How will you go about getting more voters from the Egyptian community to change that stigma ?



            Q3] What would you like to achieve, 100 days from your maiden speech, for the people of Cowan in W.A. ? [  ~ say ~ by Christmas 2016 ]




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