In Memoriam

Gary Cameron

Gary Cameron

Sadly, one of our former presenters Gary Cameron passed away on Tuesday 6th February 2018.

Gary first joined our station in 1996 and soon became an on-air presenter. He met Jackie Maud at our station and romance followed which culminated in their wedding in 1999.  

Gary originally hosted "The Webnet Super Highway Show" and was responsible for the first "streaming" of 96.5 Inner FM via the internet. He then hosted "Unforgettable Music" on a Monday morning for many years until his health failed.

Our sympathy is extended to Jackie and all the family.

Kevin Trask


Gary Cameron was first heard on 96.5 Inner FM when he was a guest on "Carousel", a program that gave listeners and members their chance to share their love of music… that was in 1996 when Gary joined our volunteer team and assisted in reception, but Gary was no amateur when it came to performing live before an audience.

He first tread the boards at the age of two-and-a-half when he nonchalantly strolled onstage during a 1952/1953 Christmas pantomime, "Cinderella On Ice", at the old Worth's Circus site, now currently occupied by the Melbourne Arts' Centre. His mother had taken her eyes off him in the wings whilst his sister was performing onstage in the Ballroom Scene and he made it, slipping occasionally on the fast ice, to the throne of the heavily-gouted king and whacked him on his bandaged leg – it brought the house down when the king adlibbed an agonised reaction and Gary simply turned and walked off. Management put studs on his shoes and sent him on in that scene for the rest of the panto's run.

A pupil of the redoubtable Olive Wallace at her tap-dance studio, "Cinders" was not his last stage performance. Other than Wallace's annual concerts at the Melbourne Town Hall to showcase her pupils' talents, Gary joined the annual panto-parades beginning in 1956 at The Tivoli, then, The Comedy Theatre and Her Majesties Theatre, performing in "Puss-In-Boots" (twice), "Noddy In Toyland" and "Noddy Goes To The Moon" and others, finally ending the eleven year stint back at the Tivoli for Channel O’s extravagant production of The Magic Circle Club's "A Clown Without A Smile".

From the early 1960s, he was a weekly regular as a Happy Olivette on Happy Hammond’s "Happy Hour" on HSV-7 and also performed on Graham Kennedy’s "IMT" supporting such acts as Tony Lamond, Al Martino and many others.

Towards the end of the 1960s when Gary was taking Betty Pounder's professional classes, he was invited to join the J. C. Williamson troupe and make the stage his career. He declined and instead 'turned amateur', starring in such musicals as "West Side Story", "Half A Sixpence", "Hello Dolly", "Kiss Me Kate" and also several plays at Williamstown Little Theatre, Hal Porter’s "Eden House" notably amongst them and for which he received rave reviews and won several awards. He was also part of the cast of the musical, "It Happened In Tanjablanca", a zany John Michael Howson 'who done it' that went on at Melbourne's Viaduct Theatre as an off-off-Broadway production, but alas, the Angels refused to buy it although it wowed the houses time and time again.

Gary’s first permanent time-slot on 96.5 was in 1998 with his Friday computer savvy show, "The Webnet Super Highway Show", after a couple of years of this he changed his timeslot for Monday where was heard on "Unforgettable Music".

Forever the academic, Gary continued studying for yet another post-graduate degree but still found time to take on "Drive" on Thursday and the occasional "Music-Go-Round" on Sundays - a 50s and 60s rock 'n' roll program panelled by many of 96.5's presenters and co-ordinated by his charming wife Jackie Maud-Cameron of "Take It Easy" fame.

Gary will be very sadly missed by his friends at 96.5 Inner FM.

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