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Greg King

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Greg King has worked in the printing and publishing industry for almost 54 years in a variety of management and consultative roles. He started his own company in December 1979 and has been self-employed ever since.

He co-founded the national monthly trade magazine, “TimberTrader News”, in 1985 and acquired total shareholding of the publication in 1992. He sold his interest in the magazine after almost 30 years and is currently operating marketing and media consultancies.

Together with his wife Alma Reynolds, Greg has recently commenced another business in partnership with his step-son, and his fiancée, once again in the printing industry, this time with an online focus.

Greg’s business life is intertwined with his private life and he has a passionate interest in all sports, music, travel, food & wine, reading and communicating with friends. He is a life-time, third generation, Carlton supporter and believes The Mighty BlueBaggers are in his DNA. His grandfather started following Carlton in 1906 and his father, upon birth, in 1923. Even his telephone ringtone is the Carlton theme song.

Greg and Alma are both passionate Rotarians, and the couple is actively involved in many local community projects as well as holding other national and international interests. Greg is also a supporter of the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association of Victoria and views his time spent with children and young adults with the incredibly difficult PWS condition to be a special privilege.

For over four decades Greg had harboured a desire to be a radio announcer. However, believing this dream had passed him by, Greg had resigned to his lot in life by accepting he would probably never fulfil this broadcasting ambition.

Late in 2012 he was offered to chance to host “The Rotary Hour” (now renamed “Rotary in Action”) on the third Tuesday of each month between 4pm and 5pm. Of course, he jumped at the opportunity.

Since then Greg has been a willing student pestering more experienced fellow announcers for hints and tips on how to improve his skill as a panel operator and how to become a more versatile announcer. Special thanks must go to Rotarian (the late) Jack Tanner for inviting Greg to “have a go”; 96.5 InnerFM station stalwarts Kevin Yates and Adrian Hook for their mentorship; and the strong encouragement and support from announcers Bob “The Legend” Claven and Joanne “The Elephant Lady”.

Not one willing to take a back seat in most areas of his life Greg also accepted an invitation to join the 96.5 InnerFM Committee of Management where he is now into his second three-year term. He also believes the commitment to serve in an off-air role is an important contribution for the Station’s future direction and is another form of community service. He was elected President of 96.5 InnerFM on Tuesday, October 30, 2018.

As well as his spot with the “Rotary in Action” program 96.5 InnerFM offered Greg the chance to host a regular breakfast slot. Known as “A Greg’s Breakfast!” (AGB!), his program is three hours of popular (loud) music from the 1970s to the present day. This brings to air Greg’s favorite music gleaned from his personal collection.

From late in 2018 “AGB!” is on air every Friday from 6am to 9am. The program operates as follows: First Friday of the month it’s “From the Vault”; Second Friday “My Personal Favorites”; Third “Classic Aussie Cuts”; Fourth “The New Millennium”; and any Fifth Friday it’s “The Last 12 Months”. Any listener with a Facebook account can “LIKE” the program at: https://www.facebook.com/gregsbreakfast?pnref=lhc

Finally, any time there is a program that the announcer cannot fill Greg will put his hand up as a substitute so you may hear his voice at other times as well.

Listen out for Greg as he continues his “amazing adventure” in community radio broadcasting.

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