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Nick's Mix - 22nd August 2015 - 34 - PRESSURE

PRESSURE - Paramore (‘All We Know Is Falling’)
PRESSURE DOWN - John Farnham (‘Whispering Jack’)
PRESSURE - Stereo MC’s (‘Connected’)
THIS IS PRESSURE - Eskimo Joe (‘Black Fingernails, Red Wine’)
DROP THE PRESSURE - Mylo (‘Destroy Rock & Roll’)
NO PRESSURE - Little Boots (‘Working Girl’)
PRESSURE OFF - Duran Duran featuring Janelle Monae (‘Paper Gods’)
PRESSURE - The 1975 (‘The 1975’)
PRESSURE DROP - The Clash (‘Sound System’ extras disc 1)
HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE - Boz Scaggs (‘A Fool To Care’)
GOT ME UNDER PRESSURE - ZZ Top (‘Eliminator’)
PRESSURE SWAY - Machinations (‘Esteem’)
SO UNDER PRESSURE - Dannii Minogue (‘Club Disco’)
PRESSURE - Billy Joel (‘The Nylon Curtain’)
PRESSURE ZONE - Beck (‘Midnite Vultures’)
PRESSURE ON JULIAN - Blur (‘Modern Life Is Rubbish’)
PRESSURE TESTED 1984 - Grinspoon (‘Guide To Better Living’)
PRESSURE - Staind (‘Break The Cycle’)
HIGH PRESSURE LOW - Against Me! (‘White Crosses’)
PRESSURE POINT - The Zutons (‘Who Killed ... The Zutons?’)
UNDER PRESSURE - Queen and David Bowie (‘Hot Space’)
PRESSURE - Milk & Bone (‘Little Mourning’)

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