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Rob Williams

Rob Williams

Rob was born in Preston and has lived in the same family home since four years of age. His school days were spent at Preston Primary School and he spent two years at the Craft Hostel, a section of the Children's Hospital (Orthopaedic Section), at Mt Eliza from 1946 to 1948. When Rob started work, it was with an electrical engineering company Bayley and Grimster as a spray painter and worked on of the many walk-in switch-boards that were being constructed  for the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Authority. It was a massive project which Rob was glad to be a part of, in some small way.

In 1992, Rob was to have his first taste of community radio. When tuning into 96.5's frequency and enjoying the programs, he decided to become a member and worked together with Alan McCurdy taking phone calls for other presenters. Rob was assisting with a program called The Panch Hour, which was a request program for patients at the Preston and Northcote Community Hospital. When the program’s presenter Andi Kauer went into an Army career, Rob took on The Panch Hour permanently. Several months into The Panch Hour, Rob received a letter from the station's program committee commenting on the excellent way the program was handled and that that he had been given a chance to host a program of his own, so Music for Pleasure was born.

Since Rob has been at Inner FM, his love for the Hollywood musicals and in particular one studio has stood out - MGM. Rob has even been nick-named by all at the station as Mr MGM. Sentimental Favourites is another of Rob's programs that he enjoys presenting on a Sunday afternoon and it's through this program that he was to meet up with his wife Estelle. During the many times Rob presented his programs, he would have phone calls from the listeners commenting about his music that they were enjoying. One such listener was a lady from Chadstone who would always make a call to Rob during his program, saying how much she was enjoying the selection of music and it was her kind of music. One Sunday during  his program. Rob decided to meet this lady from Chadstone, so he telephoned her to ask if he could meet her. Rob packed up his gear and jumped into a taxi and headed off towards Chadstone. As Rob approached the door at Estelle's house, he didn't notice the small step and, as he knocked on the door, tripped right into Estelle's arms, and so a friendship began which resulted in marriage in May 2004.

Rob has previously presented Music for Pleasure on 96.5 Inner FM on Tuesday afternoons and Sentimental Favourites on Sundays afternoons.

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