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Timothy Rivers

Do you remember any of these catchphrases?

“Hello Dere”… “Boo Boo Pa Doo”… “Hello People”… “Hidey Hodey Everyboady”… “Stay Keen on the Teen Scene – For Pete’s Sake”… “For The Love of Mike”…

Back when the disc jockey was king, and Melbourne deejays were earning more than £2000 a year, gimmicks and catchphrases were an integral part of the popular platter programmes. But for the best deejays in Melbourne-town it took more than a hep cat’s phrase book to win over audiences. The new breed of radio star didn’t just work for a few hours a day playing the latest music but they spent hours finding the best records for their audience.

Tim Rivers presents "Summer of '63" on Sunday evenings at 8pm on 96.5 Inner FM.

For those who missed "Quite a Party - The Story of Melbourne Rock & Roll", produced by Tim Rivers and broadcast on C31 on 16/6/17, here is the link to the recording of the program: http://www.c31.org.au/series/9719 . Well done Tim!