The Whittlesea group was formed after a small group of Ulysses members decided that Whittlesea represented an excellent choice as a meeting place for Northern Suburb members looking for a venue close to home.   Whittlesea has great access to rides outside the metropolitan environment in all directions, and for a place to have a quiet mid-week or Saturday morning coffee.The first meeting of the Branch was held March 2000 with 5 people in attendance, and after 4 meetings, that had grown to over 20. The Branch currently boasts about 100 aligned members and around 35 active riding members.

​Our get togethers and ride departures are at The Chicken Barn, 2/75 Church Street, Whittlesea.
This venue provides espresso coffee, popular take away foods and soft drinks. Parking for bikes can always be had either directly outside the venue, or close by.  There are plenty of tables and chairs on the pavement allowing riders to enjoy the fellowship and discuss the various bikes, and of course the riding experience. For those cold or wet days, space is available off-street, inside, to enjoy the same. 

While we have organised every second Saturday as a ride day, our most popular ride days are Tuesdays, and Thursdays (per the calendar). Tuesday rides are not pre-organised and are reserved for an elective ride in a different direction to the Thursday, weather permitting.  As a branch we are unusual in providing an opportunity to ride 2-3 days per week, suiting working members and retirees alike.  We generally find that the traffic outside Melbourne is very quiet on the roads mid-week too, always good for motorbike riders. 


The Chicken Barn, 2/75 Church Street, Whittlesea