In 1952 the outer Melbourne suburb of Watsonia was home to many returned servicemen and women and their young families. The streets were unmade, street lights were rare and residents had to collect mail from the railway station.

The 1950’s were a time of reflection and mate ship, and a time of dreams and plans.

From a humble beginning in  1952 eight men met with a dream of a local place to meet, to have a few drinks, tell a few stories, play games and for young families to arrange picnics and parties for their families.

The Watsonia Returned Services League (RSL) Sub Branch was then born at the “Tin Shed” after successfully gaining approval.

Through the dedication of its members the “Tin Shed” established itself as a centre for community activities in the Watsonia area and surrounds.

Almost 70 years later, the club has continued to grow with the suburb, and is now one of the foremost RSL clubs in the state, and a major provider of hospitality and entertainment to the surrounding community.

Today, Watsonia RSL boasts more than 6000 members and is still expanding, not only in social activities, but also in community service through the Sub branch’s dedicated work for Veterans, family and the broader community.

One of the best RSL Clubs located only 16 kilometers north of Melbourne and only minutes away from public trains and buses.

Our Club is open from 9.00am every day and serves lunch and dinner 7 days a week. We also have a courtesy bus service and over 140 car parks directly outside our front door.


6 Morwell Avenue,
Watsonia, Victoria 3087

Phone: 03 9435 4233