Sydney burst into the music scene in August 2020 with her debut single ‘Out From The Inside’, exhibiting a refreshing take on pop and dance genres whilst hinting at influences from countless others.

Her follow up single ‘Bad News’, released in February 2021, further consolidated her ability to execute music that stimulates a variety of tastes. It’s was one of MnM’s most played tracks of the year.

Fast forward to February 2022 and Sydney’s newest single ‘Running Out’ (below) has just been released, and teases the release of her debut EP, ‘The Inside’.

Whilst exhibiting similar flare as her current discography, ‘Running Out’ is a virulent track showcasing the 22 years old’s stunning vocal, among a myriad of random sounds from balloons, fireworks, toys and glass, knitted together in organised perfection.

Sydney is set to launch her already released music with her band, comprising of Ryan Basile (Orange Orange, Arbes, Plaza-TRG), Soren Maryasin (Soren, Stella Farnan, Earnest Jackson), and Stella Farnan (Stella Farnan, George Alice, Stella Bridie), in late Spring.

Sydney is also quietly working behind the scenes on collaborations (including remixes and feature tracks) with several upcoming artists in the coming year.


22 year old Melbourne-based artist, producer, songwriter and musician Sydney Miller, is paving the way for a new and vibrant sound in her solo, self-titled act. 

Sydney’s love for music and composition cultivated from a young age, but only began finding its way into the forefront later in childhood. She grew up on a foundation of dance, which quickly sparked her curiosity for music and the way it worked. As soon as she could sing and play piano, she began practicing her songwriting.

Her frequent practice of songwriting, singing, and dance continued steadily into her late teens, but it wasn’t until she left school that she began discovering and experimenting with music production and composition. Sydney impulsively applied for qualification in Interactive Composition at the VCA in Melbourne, where she formally began her journey as a composer and production/audio engineer in 2018. Up until this point, she had barely touched any kind of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or piece of music tech.

“Quirky electro-pop” and “Beep-boop music”

Over the time of her degree, Sydney had often tried and failed to create any music that she liked. Frustrated by her inability to mould sounds in the way she wanted and the lack of variety in samples she could find in her DAW. Sydney began incorporating absurd ‘found sounds’ and quirky self-recorded samples into her works.

Her aptitude for creating catchy rhythms and formulated melodies influenced her to start producing an unheard style and genre, being described by her professors and classmates as “quirky electro-pop” and “beep-boop music”.

It wasn’t until the beginning of 2020 when Sydney entirely produced and wrote her first ever song – ‘Out From The Inside’. It was from this point where Sydney had finally discovered and established her own unique sound and process. Since graduating from her Bachelor’s Degree in 2020, Sydney has been slowly chipping away at more tracks to add to her discography, as well as commissioned projects composing and engineering for The Arts Centre and The Grainger Museum. 

Sydney is interested in expanding the reach of her own music, as well as working as a producer and engineer for other new and upcoming artists.

She hopes to begin performing frequently with her band and is planning on continuing her studies next year for her Honours degree in Interactive Composition.

On Monday 14th February, ahead of the launching her EP ‘The Inside’ Sydney came into 96.5 Inner FM to Co-host MnM with Noah and James and talked about where her musical journey started, the process of creating her music, and her future endeavors and aspirations as an upcoming artist. Hear the full interview below:

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